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Hello, I’m Alessiah! Nice to meet you here on my website.

Let me tell you some details about me, and then it’s your turn, ok?
I love music, it’s my #passion #obsession #dedication. I’m fully committed when it comes to music. I do everything that I can to evolve, to learn something new every day and to become the best version of myself.

My biggest challenge is “how to make my music to sound the best”. It’s not an easy task, so I’m always searching, exploring and looking for the right answers.
You’re never done with music. It’s an infinite source of creativity, that’s why I still take canto lessons, I’m learning how to play guitar, I’m doing a lot of studio time and of course, I’m writing lyrics.

There isn’t a recipe for success, you have to be involved, dedicated and to work really hard. And that's what I'm doing right now.

I know my dream.

Follow my path!

February 2015

Started studing Complete Vocal Technic at Atelierul de Voce și Muzică prof. Anișoara Balmuș

7 November 2015

First time on stage next to the big romanian singer legend Loredana Groza.

1 June 2018

Launched first single  – #Sunday and first time on TV as an artist.

27 July 2019

New single: #Rebels

01 May 2019

Started studing Complete Vocal Technic at Tiriri Music  with prof. Oana Brutaru.

01 May 2019

Started studing Complete Vocal Technic at Atelierul de Voce și Muzica with prof. Lucia Ciubotaru.

11 November 2019

New single: #Hurricane

27 February 2020

Reward: Man of the year 2019 – VIP JUNIOR

12 June 2020

New single: #WaitingFor

28 August 2020

New single: #LoveMe

23 October 2020

New single: #IKnow

26 March 2021

New single: #Darling

24 June 2021

First collab in career:
New song: #Why (feat Alpha P.)

28 August 2021

First concert:

17 September 2021

New single: #SeeYouFollow

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