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With each release, there is no doubt that singer songwriter Alessiah has announced her arrival on the world stage with her collection of wonderfully inspiring pop songs.
Born and raised in Romania, the young teenager has been releasing songs at a prolific rate to and audience of ever-growing fans. One of the new generation of artists breaking new ground with every step she makes; each song is imbued with a natural simplicity which Alessiah believes to be the most precious quality an artist can have in their possession. She is a free spirit and fills every waking moment of her career with the energy of youth and the vitality of an artist hungry to succeed.
Releasing an enormous catalogue of work from 2020 till 2024, her songs show elements of pop, pop-dance and electronica, washing over the audience in a kaleidoscope of sound. With her roots bedded in the work of Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey and Melaline Martinez, Alessiah is proving that Romania can match it on the music scene with any other country worth a mention.
Her last three tracks alone, ‘You got me’, ‘Call you back’ and 'Down South’, are testament to the diverse array of emotions she creates through music. Wonderfully sublime vocals sit evocatively atop brilliantly produced and arranged rhythms and melodies, justifying the faith placed in her by her label MediaPro which is a part of industry heavyweight Romanian Universal Music Group.
Her passion, dedication and obsession with music has seen her singularly focused on writing songs that are filled with the raw emotion of a young woman at the beginning of her journey. Using her art to overcome her own shyness, she is determined to deliver music full of positivity and become a role model that girls can be inspired by.
As 2024 rolls around her future is laid out before her in ways never previously imagined. Riding the crest of a wave which stretches far beyond her native country, Alessiah is drawing fands to her brand in an unbreakable embrace. Seemingly unafraid to be the best version of herself in every single moment, the stars of today will have to make way for a brand-new light in the heavens above.
“I’m always searching, exploring and looking for the right answers. You’re never done with music. It’s an infinite source of creativity.” - Alessiah

I know my dream.

Follow my path!

1 June 2018

Launched first single  – #Sunday and first time on TV as an artist.

27 July 2019

New single: #Rebels

11 November 2019

New single: #Hurricane

27 February 2020

Reward: Man of the year 2019 – VIP JUNIOR

12 June 2020

New single: #WaitingFor

28 August 2020

New single: #LoveMe

23 October 2020

New single: #IKnow

26 Martie 2021

New single: #Darling

24 June 2021

First collab in career:
New song: #Why (feat Alpha P.)

28 August 2021

First concert:Europa FM – ”LIVE ON THE BEACH”

17 September 2021

New single: #SeeYouFollow

03 December 2021

New single: #EstasTu (Darling) with ATL

28 January 2022

New single: #Nostalgia

06 May 2022

New single: #AllNight (Arien feat. Alessiah)

27 May 2022

New single: #SummerFeeling

31 August 2022

New single: #BreezeOfLove

24 February 2023

New single: #MatchingHearts

26 May 2023

New single: #OnMyWay

28 July 2023

New single: #SaturdayNight

15 September 2023

New song: #DownSouth (feat. Vanotek)

03 November 2023

New song: #Împreună (feat. Comann)

23 February 2024

New song: #CallYouBack (feat. The Code)

31 May 2024

New single: #YouGotMe

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